Day 1 – Ribena berry is back!

Sausage, bacon, egg, black pudding, toast and a brew. Yum!

I had a play about with my super cool new camera today. I bought one because ‘francoise’ my Blackberry doesn’t have a flash which i find really frustrating. I’m not very good at taking photos, I’m usually on the editing side of things. Tweeking and recolouring in photoshop. If i’m half as good as my girlfriend i’ll be well chuffed! Here’s my first attempt with my lovely snail – *Hyacinth. I’m going to try and take photos every week of her in weird and wonderful places. I’ll try not to photoshop too much…

I also dyed my hair back to purple! Hurrah! I love having purple hair, it seems to make me look less pale somehow! May be its because people are blinded by the Ribena berry colour.

Here it is. People with colour sensitive eyes should look away now

Played with pups in the garden this afternoon, he’s so fast! Even his own legs can’t keep up with him sometimes so I don’t know how i’m supposed too! It’s time to take him for his evening walk now which will go something like this… Mylo waggs his tail so much it goes round and round like a helicopter. He’ll then gallop around the flat waiting for his harness to be put on but can’t understand why this isn’t done during the gallopping, he’ll then pull me all the way round the block only stopping to sniff other dogs wee, he’ll sniff the ground trying to find the perfect place to have a poo, he’ll sit on/in a small hedge like he’s on a toilet and do his business then he’ll walk calmy away as i pick it up. This makes me look like i’ve just picked up my own poo!

*The lovely Hyacinth was bought from The Snail Emporium


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