Day 2 – Monkey girl

I was woken up this morning by my furry little girl, Disco. Full name: Disco (ball) Monica Smith aka Monkey Girl

She is such a loving pussy cat, always purring and headbutting me. I just wish she didn’t feel the need to bite my nose and cheeks to wake me up. If she’s not doing that, shes pulling my hair with her teeth or deliberately banging the wardrobe doors with her paws. She has such a great personality though, i can’t bend down to tie my shoelaces without her jumping up on to my shoulders, like a parrot, and if i go near her without giving her belly a stroke i get a right earful. Her language is terrible! She loves climbing and being high up, it’s the only space she gets away from the boys. Leo is too lazy to jump up and Mylo would if he could jump that high. Her latest obsession is with polo mints, i found her wrestling with a packet the other day! Here’s a picture of my girl

It hit me today that i’m back at work tomorrow, it’s gone way too quickly. Seems like only yesterday that i was doing the conga, on my own, to celebrate my last day at the library before Christmas. Ho-hum.


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