Day 3 – Can i go to sleep yet?

Today was my first day back at work, thankfully it was quite quiet and I was able to ease myself in to these 8.30am starts. I don’t think I was actually awake until at least 10.30am so i’d already done 2 hours work without realising. Bonus! It was of course chilly in the library so I had my trusty heater on full blast. I resisted the temptation to wear my santa suit and beard to warm myself up, that would just be plain silly. It’s coming up to Easter so obviously it would be my Easter bunny outfit instead.

I’m considering quitting the 365 project after, wait for it, 2 days. I just can’t do Cinth justice and I could be putting all my effort into supporting my gf. Her pics of ‘Little L bot’ are amazing.

If you want to see how amazing go and look

I may change my mind again in 5 minutes, about the project, not that i’m indecisive. Or may be I am….


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