Day 4 – Soggy pants

I nearly didn’t make it this evening… I was ‘resting my eyes’ one minute and the next I realised i had fallen asleep holding my cup of tea and remarkably hadn’t spilt any. That was until I woke up properly and stretched. Then I managed to spill the whole lot over me. The incident required a full change of outfit, including under ware!

Had this weird tasting garlic bread for tea. I’ve looked at the package before and stayed well clear because it had a picture of an onion on. When looking beyond this and reading the words there seemed to be no mention of the pictured onion so thought i’d give it a try. It was lovely but I kept getting these really tangy bits and these weird textured bits. I really hope it wasn’t any sort of veg on there. Just the thought of it is making me feel ill, I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

Decaf. Milk. 2 sugars

Oh yeah, this morning I was late because the stupid bus decided to sit at a bus stop for no apparent reason. Why do they do this? And why is it always MY bus? I’d also like to send a special thanks to my bus driver who waited until I had begun climbing the stairs before quickly accelerating and then emergency stopping, again for no reason. My mistake, there was a reason, because he was a dick.


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