Day 6 – I’ll just suck on the teabag

Despite missing my morning brew because ‘someone’ didn’t get out of bed in time, I’ve had quite a good day.

Got lots of things done at work that were on my to-do list and had a giggle with the girls at work. We all wind each other up but it’s all good-natured. We should be going out at the end of the month for the usual cocktails and karaoke, last time there was a full on brawl! Nothing to do with us you’ll be glad to hear, we were the victims of drink spillage though!

Sarah surprised me by suggesting we go camping! I thought I was hearing things at first. Now she’s mentioned it I haven’t stopped looking for the perfect camp site, for me that entails somewhere we can take the pup and is near a train station. Sarah’s ideas were very different, she would like electric – how would she cope without TV and internet? A clean working toilet – A she-wee wouldn’t cut it. Somewhere pretty – Sarah’s pretty is different to my pretty it would seem – Somewhere with no bugs especially spiders/anything that crawls – I didn’t really want to go there and a very large tent – a 2 man simply wouldn’t be big enough. This worries me slightly as Sarah doesn’t pack lightly. To be fair to my Sarah pie even the fact that she is considering it was really sweet because she knows that i love camping. I’m sure when we are under the stars together the last thing she’ll be thinking about it is the huge bats and giant bears that lurk in camp sites.


One response to “Day 6 – I’ll just suck on the teabag

  1. I can’t wait to go camping with you – looking at the stars all night, taking beautiful photographs, going on a walk round the hills… but we just need to find somewhere that fits all “my requirements” 🙂

    P.S Sorry about the tea… I’ll definitely get up on Monday!

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