Day 7 – Sweet revenge

Can i first of all make a public apology to Sarah *tries not to laugh*

Sarah and I are always having a bit of banter on facebook and she’s always hacking my statuses. Well last night I got the ultimate revenge. While she was in the shower I was using her laptop and as I went to check my facebook it automatically logged in with hers… and I couldn’t help myself….

Sarah Goodwin: ‘I often sit and think about how big my willy would be if i was a boy. It would be small…. so small I would cry’

Hahahahahaha, the best bit was that one of the comments was ‘you think too much lady!!’

I wanted to start a new sport this year, now that i’m working normal hours and after looking high and low I came across Korfball. It’s a mixture of netball and basketball but is the only mixed sex sport. Anyway, they were having a recruitment drive in didsbury and after umming and ahhhing i bucked up the courage to go and say hello. Despite what people think I am actually really shy and the thought of speaking to a random person makes me nervous. When I had arrived they had already gone. Gutted! I’ve messaged them though and they invited me out for drinks so feeling a bit better about turning up on Tuesday. Least i’ve got something to say now even if it is ‘How was your hangover on Sunday?’

I’m going to leave you with a question today, how on earth can you charge someone £5 for a sausage and chips? Just to help you further, the sausage was not gold plated nor the full size of pig



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