Day 9 – D-Day or should it be K-day

So tomorrow is Korfball night.

I keep thinking that I’ll go next week instead but if I don’t go tomorrow I won’t go at all. Don’t know why it bothers me so much. I’m just rubbish at meeting new people, I find it hard to be myself. I’m hoping that they’ll be lots of new people so I can fade into the background…. My muscles aren’t going to know what has hit them, they ached today after a gentle walk/jog to get the bus.

So I slept again this evening *kicks oneself* I was grumpy and tired and grumpy! I couldn’t sleep last night and was still rolling around trying to get comfy at 3am. At one point Sarah and I were humming the YMCA to one another. Maybe doing some sport will help.

I think I’ve had a bad day today, not felt like i’ve actually done anything.

*Big Sigh*


3 responses to “Day 9 – D-Day or should it be K-day

  1. Laura, you are brilliant with new people! I think you are very natural and easy to talk to and Chicklet and I love you to bits! x

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