Day 12 – 9 in a row!

That’s how many students I have just told off for trailing their laptop cables across the floor! Get in! You might not think it’s that big a deal but when they are knee height and you would either have to hurdle them or limbo under them, it soon becomes a real problem. I nearly got to confront someone about plugging a kettle in too but someone beat me to it! Welcome to the world of being a librarian. It’s not all about books you know! I do love working in a library and im lucky enough to work with some lovely people. Please note: The above sentence has nothing to do with the fact they could possibly read this.

So last night, as you may have seen my previous post, i fell alseep. Again! Why do people count sheep? And what happens when you run out of sheep? Is there an infinate number of sheep? How many times can i use the word ‘sheep’ in a row?


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