Day 13 – Bleedin’ Nora!

So last night I decided i didn’t like the word ‘turtleneck’ it actually made me squirm. I have no idea why. One minute I was casually looking through the H&M website the next I was slamming down my laptop lid in terror!

I’ve been trying to teach the librarians how to do accents. My mate, Catherine aka Mucker, managed to make her cockney gangster sound like Sean Connery! That’s a skill in itself. I can do bits and bobs but my best is scottish. I’m starting to think I’ve got ‘Foreign Accent Syndrome’! More information about this is coming soon.

Not impressed! As it is a Friday i  thought i’d treat myself to lunch with a Domino’s Pizza. So I ordered my usual pepperoni passion and they asked my name, despite being tempted to say Miss Annette Curtain I said ‘Laura’. So I sat down on the uncomfy sofa and looked at the screen that displays the orders…

I thought who the f*ck is Nora and as I look around I realised it was actually me!! The most embarrassing part was being shouted when my pizza was ready infront of a full waiting area – ‘Pizza for Nora!


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