Day 14 – Penis Panic

I had a bit of a bad day yesterday, my puppy wasn’t very well. Mylo hadn’t eaten or drank anything all day. We decided to take him to see ‘that nasty man’ as Mylo would say. The vet said he has a throat infection and a fever. My poor boy. I’m pleased to say that he’s been eating and drinking today though. He loved his rice pudding for breakfast and it’s scrambled eggs for tea!

I mentioned Foreign Accent Syndrome yesterday and for those that didn’t know, it is an actual illness. I found it on a website that listed the top 10 most bizarre mental illnesses so thought i’d share some with you;

Genital Retraction Syndrome is a strange disorder in which the sufferer believes that his genitals  are shrinking, retracting in to the body, or may be removed entirely. Even more strangely, there have been cases of this occurring amongst many people at the same time; this is called penis panic.

Amputee Identity Disorder, this illness causes a person to wish to have a healthy part of their body amputated. In some cases, the sufferer has gone so far as to amputate their own limbs

Neglect Syndrome, a person loses the ability to give equal attention to both sides of a space. For example, someone would shave only half of their face.

The phrase ‘Penis Panic’ really made me laugh but it must be awful to have one of those illnesses and deal with reactions to them. I have suffered with quite a common mental illness for 5 years and I still struggle to admit because of the stereotype that surrounds it.



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