Day 15 – Common Sense

Let me begin by asking a question. Which time of the year would you pick if you wanted to do any outdoor painting?

Now I may be in the minority here but i certainly wouldn’t pick the middle of winter yet that’s exactly what my estate agent decided to do. There must be some sort of stupidity course that estate agents take before being let loose in the normal world.

So, 2 weeks before Christmas and before we are due to go to Scarborough, the scaffolding goes up. Great. Queue lots of painting in the rain and being really high up in 80mph gales. The fantastic decorator paints all the windows in the flats shut and paints over all of the door numbers then colours over them in black marker. Our lovely white front door is now red too! Despite the ‘wet paint’ notice someone, of course, ignored it. There’s always one. Didn’t take long before we caught them red handed though!



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