Day 17 – Shaking Stevens

I’ve had a bad day. I suffer with anxiety and it seems to get worse when i am stressed or angry. Today I was both. I get the shakes and find it difficult to concentrate on things, then there’s the headache i get after all the adrenaline has run out. I felt like i needed a good cry but i didn’t want to because my mascara wasn’t waterproof and I don’t look good as a panda. When I came home i felt pretty shitty so went for a snooze. Now i’m wide awake and feeling much brighter, the mist of shitness has blown away hopefully it will take this cold weather with it!

I did a nice thing today. Don’t act so surprised! I bought my lovely friend Catherine some flowers to make her smile. I’m a big softie really, not that you’d think it when i’m telling students off. I’ve never really been a flowers sort of girl but they really do make me smile. Especially tulips and those big daisy style ones *googles for their official name* Gerbera. Haven’t got a clue how you pronouce it! Reminds me of a cactus i had growing up, i named him Pierre. He used to make me smile with his prickly body, that was until he fell to his death off the TV. Here is what Pierre would look like if he was still alive. I miss you Pierre

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One response to “Day 17 – Shaking Stevens

  1. I know you don’t like fruit but try eating a banana to destress. Magnesium aplenty in bananas to chill you out.
    RIP Pierre. What a handsome chap!
    Gerbera – sounds like Canberra but with a jur instead of a can! I love gerberas … and tulips. Lucky Catherine.

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