Day 18 – Another day, another dollar

I’ve really got into blogging but doing it every day makes time go so slowly. I can’t believe there’s still 13 days left until the end of the month. More importantly 13 days until payday!

So you may have guessed already but I work in a library. I love my job most of the time and can’t imagine doing anything else but it’s mega stressful at the moment. It really is a case of turn up to work, do your job, go home – enjoyment is banned. For the library, January is one of the busiest times of the year. We open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Students become irritable and do stupid things like unplug photocopiers/computers so they can plug their own kettle in! I could probably write a book about all the ridiculous things i have heard/seen. My aim is to get through the next 13 days without committing a serious crime and with all my marbles still intact. At the moment, neither is looking likely.

On a happier note, i’m going to paint my rubber ducky tonight. I got a paint your own kit for Christmas – my family know me so well. Sarah thinks i should come up with my own design but i like the idea of painting it like a ‘real’ duck. I shall post a photo when i’m done.

Oooh and its been that awful fine horizontal rain today. The sort where you can’t actually tell if its raining until you go back indoors and you are completely soaked. I hate that. That rain mixed with strong winds whilst having hiccups would almost certainly send me over the edge.


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