Day 20 – Calm after the storm

I’ve survived hurricane fuckwit and made it to the other side. Today is the beginning of the weekend and the beginning to a better week. Crossing your fingers whilst typing isn’t easy!

I’m sporting a rather splendid war wound today.

Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. I was sleepily doing my hair this morning when Disco ball (who i wrote about on day 2) decides she wants to sit on my shoulder but instead of jumping up the back, she takes a leap of faith up my front instead. Result – Scratched neck that makes me look like i was involved in a fight with someone and lost. Someone that had a knife, maybe even a pizza knife, how ironic would that be.

Just had the best takeaway. I’m talking top notch stuff. Slightly embarrassing that they know me by name and what my order is but still. 10 inches of glorious cheese and tomato with a side of chips with peri peri spice on.

Heaven in a cardboard box.


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