Day 21 – Shit bomb

Ahh the weekend has arrived – Lie ins, bargain charity shopping and walks with the pups.

Mylo gets so much attention when i take him out, I think people forget there is actually a person at the other end of his lead. The bad side of having a pup is picking up poo. There’s the risk of sticking your hand in it, ticked that one off the list, but then there’s the embarrassment when he does it right in front of a full pub or on a busy main road. Today, it was the main road. I picked it up using his doggy bag no problem. As I began to walk though a big gust of wind came along inflating the bag, ripping the bag and creating a shit bomb sort of situation. Highly embarrassing when you have to dodge the shit bombs yourself!

Talking of bags, I find trying to open a plastic bag infuriating! I went shopping this morning and needed 2 bags. I felt highly pressured because the old lady behind me wasn’t taking any prisoners. She was on my tail before i’d even paid. The first one was ok because the till lady had partially opened it but the second was proving a huge problem. I tried the rub technique, then the lick the fingers technique. By this time the old lady was huffing and puffing. I should have asked her to blow in the bag for me. All i could think was ‘If only I still had the shit bomb with me’! In the end I had to walk off admitting defeat and juggling catfood, bread and cheese… in the rain!

Sainsbury’s bag, watch your back!


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