Day 22 – King of the castle

Usually when I wake up in the morning all our babies are on the bed asleep, this doesn’t include the fish babies for obvious reasons.   This morning though, there was one missing.

Introducing Leo

Full name: Leo Archibald Smith aka Fat boy or furry slug

Big brother to Disco, Leo is furry like a teddy bear and has a tail like a feather duster. He is a typical boy. When he’s not eating or pooing, he’s sleeping. He doesn’t care where he sleeps but his favourite places at the moment are on the radiator, on the bed and on the bathroom floor.

So this morning I woke up and wondered where my boy was, checked the bathroom – no. Checked the kitchen – no. Checked the radiator – no. In fact it was a good 5 minutes until i noticed his furry tail… He was on top of the Book shelf! He was looking so proud of himself but with a slightly confused face as to how he managed to get up there. This, for a lazy boy, was quite an achievement. I can only presume he was playing hide and seek with Disco, she would have never thought have looking up there. It’s her secret spot!

Now I know you’re not going to believe this but Leo talks. Almost every night when the lights go out he starts… and he’s getting better. It started with ‘hiya’ then moved onto ‘Laura’! I was so very proud! But his latest was even said in an Australian accent ‘How was that?’ I have no idea what ‘that’ was or how it was, maybe he was skyping an Australian friend or was trying to do Rolf Harris? I am trying to record him so you can all have a listen.

He’ll be on the X factor next year, watch out!


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