Day 23 – The students on the bus go…

shout, shout, shout allllll daaaaaay lonnnnng.

Those of you that know me will have no doubt seen my rants on Facebook about traveling on the bus. I live on the main route into Manchester City Center which is great for getting home after a night out but not good for someone who is not a morning person and needs to wake up slowly.

I’ve made a list of the most common situations i face;

  1. Being sat on. Clearly the seats are not big enough to fit their giant ass’s on. This has nothing to do with the space i take up. My face is sometimes pushed up against the window due to the lack of room.
  2. A face full of crotch. I don’t think i really need to explain that one
  3. People shouting despite being sat next to each other! I found out by the end of one of the conversations that she wasn’t actually a slag and once ‘they’ became official on Facebook she had been faithful. How delightful!
  4. Crap music being played loudly on headphones. I would ask them to turn it down but they are probably hard of hearing hence the loud music. Why is it always rubbish music?
  5. Out of control drivers. They always wait till you are about to stand to either accelerate or slam on the brakes
  6.  People smoking. If i wanted to smoke, i would!
  7.  People who sniff loudly. They obviously have a cold or a blockage in the nose department. Rather than blow their nose or breathe through their mouth they constantly sniff but it’s not your average sniff. It’s like a wet sniff, that they could at any minute (i feel sick just thinking about it) goz/do a greeny/bring up vileness

The one and only time i cheer a driver is when i am running late and they go through a red light.

I’m looking forward to the day i win the lottery and the only thing i have to worry about is where i can park my helicopter at work.


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