Day 24 – The ‘C’ word

Today has been a sad day.

I heard that one of my work friend’s daughter sadly passed away on Sunday. She had been ill for a long time with cancer but she continued to live life to the full. She struggled with her illness throughout her GCSEs and A levels but despite this still managed to secure a place at Oxford. She was truly an inspirational young woman.

I find the ‘C’ word really scary. I remember growing up hardly hearing about it yet now it seems everyone knows someone who has it. Has it grown into something unstoppable or are we just more aware of it now? Some recent(ish) stats suggest that 4 in 10 britons will have some sort of cancer in their lifetime.

I’ve sadly known 2 people who have lost their battle with cancer but they both fought it with great courage and dignity. I don’t know how they, and their families, coped and remained so optimistic. My heart goes out to them both, to my friend and her family and to everyone who has lost someone they love.


One response to “Day 24 – The ‘C’ word

  1. it’s an ugly word. but not always a death sentence… probably a combination of more early detection along with more cancer due to environmental factors. i am 5 years past my stage 1 breast cancer diagnosis and consider myself quite lucky. turns out, it wasn’t a huge deal – and the proverbial reminder to not waste a breath.

    so very sorry to hear of the loss of such a remarkable young woman… some cancers are far nastier than others. and when they take younger folks? pure evil…

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