Day 25 – Made with love

Pizza, burger, chips, sausage, pasta, chicken, bacon, soup, meat pie.

That is what my diet consists off. As if that isn’t bad enough i also don’t like any fruit or veg. For those of you that are thinking ‘there must be something, what about…..’ Let me stop you there. There isn’t. The nearest I get to healthy stuff is going for my break, with my good pal Sue, in a vegetarian cafe.

As you can imagine, when i’m at work, lunch can be a nightmare. I don’t always want something heavy like a pizza and all the sandwiches in the cafe come with ‘green stuff’ but since the new year I’ve been having something way better  – My cheese butty.

Now you’re probably thinking, what is so special about a cheese butty? Well to me it’s very special. My lovely Sarah pie gets up early every morning just to make it for me and she even sneaks some crisps and chocolate bar in my lunchbox too. For me, it couldn’t be more perfect. Lovely grated cheese in between two pieces of soft white bread and the added ingredient that money can’t buy. Love.


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