Day 26 – ‘We’re not going to smoke it’

I had a small packet of Haribo in my lunchbox today. That was a nice surprise.

So, I am planning to do my first photoshoot of the year on Saturday with the brilliant and very talented Sarah Goodwin. Go and check her work out now, in fact not right now finish reading this first. I am not a model by any means but i must admit i do like posing for the camera, this is not to be confused with being ‘a poser’. I’ve done a few shoots, usually me looking mean and moody which is odd because i smile a lot in real life. I do it for two reasons really, I enjoy it and to help Sarah with her portfolio. We try to  come up with interesting themed shoots rather than your standard studio portraits and fashion stuff. Here are a few of the ‘characters’ i have become


I don’t want to give too much away about this Saturday’s shoot but one of the props we need is a cigar. Having never been a smoker i didn’t have a clue what they looked like or even how much they might be. We went to our trusty corner shop. ‘Do you have any cigars?’ The shop man laughed (Why did he do this?) and showed us what he had. We went for the fancy one in the wrapper, i expected it to be fatter! ’99p please’ Bargain, I thought! Just as Sarah and I thought we had completed ‘Mission – Supercool’ Sarah said ‘It’s ok, we’re not going to smoke it’. Now although this was true, you don’t tell someone that! What does he think we’re going to do with it? Just sit and smell it, maybe whilst re-arranging our stamp collection. Oh the shame.



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