Day 27 – A slice a day…

Give me the choice of crisps or chocolate/sweets and crisps would win every time. I do, however love a bit of chocolate now and again. I decided to get myself a Mars chocolate bar today, not had one of those for ages. It’s was lovely and cold – just how i like it and It reminded me of my nana…

My nana sadly passed away a few years ago, I don’t think I will ever get over it.  She used to look after me when I was growing up and was like a mum to me. Now, I don’t know why she did it but whenever I had a chocolate bar she would cut it up into slices! Maybe she thought it would be easier for me to eat but I must admit chocolate has never quite tasted the same in its natural bar form. Today’s Mars bar was good but there was definitely something missing from it. Some ‘umph.

I wonder whether my nana was so used to rationing things in the war, that it seemed quite natural to her. I suppose we slice up other things as well. Cake, Roast Chicken, Onions erm… Some may say pizza, I would say most definitely not! The only reason pizza is cut into slices is so you can choose the order in which you will eat it. Slice 1, slice 2, slice 3 etc. See photo for proof!

There is only one person I share my pizza with and even then she has to prise my fingers off it. If that isn’t love I don’t know what is!

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