Day 31 – Ears that are cold

I remember thinking of a really good thing to write but it seems to have escaped me. Maybe I left it on the bus. Some student is probably walking around with my thoughts now. Ahh well, they may have some common sense for the evening.

Something tragic happened to me today, brace yourselves. My cheese sandwich fell on the floor! I couldn’t even pick it up because i’m convinced the bit of carpet by my desk hasn’t been hoovered in about 8 months. I actually had a bit of tummy ache anyway but had it been a normal day i might seriously have had to go home with stress.

I bought some super cool earmuffs today. Here they are!

I suffer quite badly with ear ache when it’s cold. I wonder if that has a fancy medical name, let me see *googles ear ache in cold weather* It doesn’t unfortunately. I’m going to make one up then, i’ll call it

coldeary syndrome – painful ears in cold weather.

Symptoms – It tends to worsen when running or sitting or walking or breathing . Pain is so bad it makes you want to stab yourself with a pencil.

Cure – Move to a hot country or take your ears off, failing that ear muffs may provide some light relief.

My lovely earmuffs are knitted on the outside and fluffy on the inside so i decided to google ‘fluffy muff’  and for the dirty minded amongst you it actually came up as an item of ‘clothing’ and here it is




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