Day 32 – Spooned

Sarah spooned me last night.

You’re probably thinking ‘Awww’, well don’t. She came at me with a spoon and stabbed/prodded me in the stomach. I’m going to get her arrested for misuse of a spoon. I wonder what the jail term is for that, at least 3 years I would expect.

 dangerous weapon

It would seem our ‘caught red handed’ neighbours across the way have moved out and decided that half 1 in the morning would be the best time to do so. They even left their front door to bang away for over an hour instead of using some common sense and propping it open. That was nice of them. To make sure they got their rents worth they even came back for the carpet that came with the flat. Excellent.

I had an interesting discussion/argument with Sarah last night, I think it’s safe to say that I won. It went like this…

me – ‘I could see you with my eyes’

Sarah – ‘I’m surprised’

I paused for a minute to see why she was so surprised or what she was surprised of but it never came… I am starting to wonder whether she was in fact just having a separate conversation with herself.

Very productive day today, in fact a productive week so far. Hurrah!


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