Day 33 – Welcome to the bahamas

It’s like the antarctic in one area and the Bahamas , minus the palm trees, in another. Welcome to The Library.

I woke up really late today, literally fell out of bed and grabbed the first thing I felt and put it on. Luckily it wasn’t my monkey pyjamas! I wonder when I get older whether i’ll be the same or i’ll start to get up at 5am for no apparent reason.

Let me ask you a question because it could just be me. So, you approach an automatic revolving door that clearly says ‘do not push’. Well the door doesn’t actually speak, it just has a sign up.

Would you;

a) walk in the direction of the door allowing it to move freely ?


b) continuously push the door and wonder why it keeps stopping, then laugh hysterically.

If you answered b) please lift your hand up and slap it across your face. Repeat this several times. If there is someone else present get them to slap you in the face too.

It’s friday tomorrow which can only me one thing… It’s the Big Bake Off at work! This weeks challenge is to bake something I will like. Here’s hoping there will be hundreds of pizza!


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