Day 34 – Food, glorious food

What a great day for foodkind today.

First up The Big Bake off at work. 3 amazing bakers and one very fussy judge! So the challenge was to make something that I would like. Remember I don’t like fruit or veg and i’m more a savory than sweet person. To make it fair i was blindfolded and not told who had cooked what.

So cake number 1, a chocolatey number with a hint of something. So good i went for a second bite!

cake 2, a lovely sponge bun with a hint of almond

cake 3, a sort of chocolate biscuit with a gooey center (a rocky road)

And the winner was…. Alice’s chocolate cake with, what i later found out to be, a hint of chilli!

Me! Eating Chilli! And enjoying it!

Well done Alice (and me!)

Here are some official photos from the event

Now I’m patiently waiting to go to pizza express for Emily’s birthday tea *twiddles thumbs* *taps feet*

Ok, I can’t wait any longer, I can hear it calling me!

‘I’m coming pizza, I’mmmm commmmmingggggg!’


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