Day 35 – White skies

When I woke up today I was convinced the heating had packed in! There seems to be a north-westerly wind blowing through our flat at the moment. I’m currently sat in my hoody, scarf, ear muffs and sporting a red nose!

Today marked the first sighting of ‘proper snow’ in Manchester. Mylo loves turning it yellow, I’m not so keen when he turns it brown. How can anyone not find little paw prints in the snow cute!?

I’m not sure whether I like snow or not. It does make everything look romantic and pretty. I really enjoy making snowmen though you do have to be careful not to get a dog turd rolled up in it and its great when you get snowed in or can’t get to work. It’s the aftermath that I hate – You can tell I’m getting old. There’s the horrible slush, not to mention the ice rinks formally known as paths. It seems impossible to walk normally, you end up walking like you’ve had a poo in your pants and are trying to prevent it from falling out the bottom of your trousers.

I predict more snow tomorrow, the clouds look like little balls of cotton wool. Awwww.


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