Day 36 – Slush puppy

I love slush puppies even in this weather. I’m so glad they’ve got these shovel/straws now too so you can shovel it in when you’ve sucked all the liquid out.

Here’s a different type of slush puppy.

It hasn’t snowed since yesterday so it’s slush central outside. Excellent, that should make tomorrows journey to work even more joyful than usual.

As well as 2 cats and a dog, we also have 3 fish. I’m not going to tell you what Sarah’s two are called because it’s embarrassing but mine is called Wilfred. After watching the fish babies for the last few weeks and thinking that one of Sarah’s fish was a bit of a bully, it turns out that he/she was in fact trying to ‘excite’ the others into dropping their eggs so he/she could fertilise them! Randy bugger!

And to finish, another of Sarah’s ‘comebacks’ in a discussion.

Sarah: ‘Babe, can you go and press play?’

Me: ‘Well can’t you do it you’re stood up?’

Sarah: ‘I know, sometimes I stand up’

You learn something new everyday!


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