Day 37 – Moose, loose, aboot this library

The day began with a cyclist who clearly had some sort of death wish. It would seem that red lights didn’t apply to him and that causing potential accidents were just ‘all in a days work’. He didn’t even have a hi-vis vest on, may be it didn’t match his skin tone.

We get quite a lot of lost property at work and I decided to have a look through it this morning. There was a coat, a scarf, a book, a mouse, another scarf…. I thought how sweet, there’s a toy mouse in lost property. That was until it actually moved! It was a real life mouse all curled up in a scarf. I didn’t know what to do at first, i kind of jumped back with my arms flapping in the air ‘Oh my god, there’s a mouse!’. Luckily one of the girls was on hand to do the sensible thing and put him into a box. Once i had finished flapping we took him outside.

He looks quite big on this pic but he was only a baby mouse. His body was about an inch long and his tail 2 inches.

We released Elmo (as he was later named) into the wild but when i checked up on him a bit later, he had sadly died. I think he had already eaten some poison and couldn’t cope with the cold weather either.

Running another course tomorrow, i’m getting used to this training lark. Got great feedback on the one i did last week, so much so that i’m doing it for our management team in a few weeks time. Eeek!


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