Day 38 – Confessions of a scarf cheater

So, I was in the bath and suddenly Lionel Ritchie came into my head, this may have been because Sarah was singing it though. This is one of those songs that I think is an absolute tune but probably shouldn’t admit in public. For those that fancy a bit of cheese and a bit of Lionel’s cleavage, here it is. Enjoy!

I’m think  I’m starting to get an unhealthy obsession with scarfs. I seem drawn to them whenever I go clothes shopping. Thing is I don’t always buy them to wear, sometimes it’s just because they look nice. I’ve got thin ones, thick ones, woolen ones, silky ones and the list goes on. I’ve googled to see if this sort of thing has been reported before, it seems other scarf enthusiasts are living in silence. I can’t remember when my problem first started, I think it was the first time I got scarf envy. I had longed for a stripy scarf and thought I had found the perfect one, I proudly wore it round town and showed it off to my friends. Then one day I noticed this other stripy scarf that someone was wearing. It was beautiful and everything I had been looking for so… I bought this new scarf, wore it proudly but then spotted another and so the downward spiral began. Some may say that I am a serial scarf cheater.

To any scarf cheaters out there, you are not alone. Get wrapped up and shout it from the rooftops!



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