Day 39 – Shop ’till you drop!

Bad start to the day. I woke up late which meant I didn’t have time to put my make up on and so I looked like death warmed up and the bus drove off on me despite my Usain Bolt style sprint to the bus stop. Nobhead!

Today I have 2 examples of ‘pricing faux pas’. Firstly, the cafe in the library sells baps. For those in other parts of the country/world – barm, bun, roll, muffin, cob, batch. despite its tiny size it cost  me a whopping 60p! I could buy a 6 pack for that price and they were all sweaty too. Eurgh! Nothing worse than sweaty buns.

Small credit card sized bun

And now my personal favourite. I’ve been thinking about painting our living room, nothing too drastic because we rent, but  just something to freshen it up. I had a look on the wickes website and came across this bargain, just think of all the stuff you could buy with your 2p saving!


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