Day 40 – Bus Stop Queen

So, not only did i finally get to meet the very cute Roxbot last night, I also went to the pub for a few catch up drinks with her human mummy, Erica. We went to one place which you would have thought didn’t have any external walls and then moved to a slightly warmer venue. I haven’t been out in ages, I’ve missed rubbing shoulders with the dirty old men and being ignored at the bar. I love that. I must admit i did feel a bit delicate when I woke up. Nothing a Vimto and chocolate cake couldn’t cure though

Ok, maybe this is just me but if i arrive at a bus stop and there is already someone there, I would let them get on the bus first. Likewise if i was the first one there i would expect to be let on first. It’s just the unsaid/unwritten rule isn’t it? Well this doesn’t appear to apply to this beached whale that waits at my stop. She proper cut me up this morning, I must have mistakenly put my invisibility cloak on. She’s lucky she didn’t get an elbow in the face! It’s like she thinks she’s the Queen of the Bus Stop or something. I’m half expecting a red carpet tomorrow complete with the paps photographing her giant ass boarding the bus, that’s if it’ll fit through the doors. The driver might have to open the fire exit at the back. Well tomorrow, she’s going to have a fight on her hands. If she pushes me out the way I’m going to spend the entire journey kicking the back of her seat and resting my newspaper on her head.

For those that don’t know me, I am a nice person really. I help old ladies across the road.


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