Day 41 – Ruthlessness

I feel like i have spent my whole day ‘sorting’ and it feels great. Started at work today, I may have possibly thrown out some very important paperwork but i’m choosing to ignore that, and now i’m starting at The Doll House. If it’s not nailed down it’s going in the bin *watches Sarah with the hammer and a box full of nails* We have been preparing for the Doll House make over. I’m going to get the paint tomorrow and I know I won’t be able to help myself. I would bet money that i’ll have the lid off the paint before my arse has even passed through the front door! As per one of my previous posts I won’t be going to wickes to get my paint, despite the amazing savings.

During my ‘sorting’ I came across my old school sports diary. You could probably guess from that sentence that I was a sports geek. Well, after each game or sport thing I took part in, I used to write-up about it! I even rated our performance AND used some super cool stickers. Sarah said I should post some of it on here so I may just do that tomorrow for a laugh.

In other news, there was no sign of the beached whale at the bus stop this morning. Either she was running late or her ass got wedged in her front door.

Sarah has just asked me, a librarian, what order she should put her books in. You can imagine her face when i said that she should catalogue them using the Dewey decimal system then shelve them in sequence. So i’m now going to give her some assistance.

I promise, promise, promise that I post ALL my 365’s tomorrow AND more importantly I have a verrrrrry special feature! Stay tuned!




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