Day 43 – Watching paint dry

That is literally what I have done this weekend.

I’m writing this from my lovely new living room. It has taken 2 days of painting and A LOT of caulking but it’s finished and looking ace. It’s possible I got more paint on myself than on the walls but I like to become ‘one’ with the paint, that’s my excuse anyway. Here we are

We decided to go for a stone colour which has made it look really fresh and light then white for the skirts and door. It’s amazing how yellow the woodwork looked. There is something so satisfying about glossing woodwork white. Our colour scheme is lime green, black and grey which probably sounds a bit urgh but looks really funky and modern. Just a snippet of the room, its mahoosive!

When i haven’t had a paintbrush in my hand I have also gone shopping, eaten pizza, watched the rugby and played with the puppy this weekend. I got on the bus today and I know i always winge about it and the people on it but this woman behind me literally coughed into my hair. I felt it move and everything. It knocked me sick, shes lucky I didn’t introduce her to my fist of fury.

Sad news today, Whitney Houston has died. I loved her back in the day before she got into all the drugs, such a shame.


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