Day 44 – Valentines eve!

Yes, I am one of those annoying loved up people who is looking forward to valentines day. I’m cooking us a meal this year and no it is NOT pizza! I can’t reveal too much because Sarah will no doubt be reading this but all will be revealed tomorrow. Sarah are you brewing up? I’ll have a tea, thanks.

2 sightings of mice today. Elmo the second was found in exactly the same place as the last one but we didn’t manage to catch him and mouse number two had left little presents on my manager’s desk, there were quite a few behind the disk drive. I have visions of the mice catapulting themselves onto desks and twirling round in the chairs. Let’s hope they’re not making long distance calls and looking at mice porn!

Why is it whenever you’re in a rush you always get stuck behind a slow walking old lady or a triple buggy!? I had only nipped out to buy my lunch and it took me nearly 40 minutes. Sainsburys is only 10 minutes away on a normal day! The only solution is to split pavements into lanes. Slow lane for biddies and buggies, medium lane for normal everyday walking and fast lane for people who are in a rush, power walkers and joggers. It would make shopping a much less stressful experience and i wouldn’t have to spend hours before, sharpening my elbows up.


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