Day 45 – My new love, Percy.

Despite my grumpy exterior and public transport rage, I’m actually a big softie on the inside. Looks like i’ve met match in Sarah though. Today I had a special delivery at work. It was quite a big box and as I began to open it i realised it wasn’t your traditional 12 red roses. It was… wait for it… a penguin balloon! With little feet! I absolutely love penguins! Here is the little fellar

Percy also came with a little card

“Hello, my name is Percy. I love pizza – would you like to share one with me? I also like fish and sliding on my”

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better i noticed something else at the bottom of the box. A chocolate pizza!!! What more could a woman want. It’s the best delivery i’ve ever had!

So once Percy and I had got home it was my turn to treat Sarah, well when i say treat… i was cooking. So for starters we had balsamic vinegar and garlic infused olive oil with lovely chunky bread.

My chicken speciality for main. Flatten a chicken breast, I’d advise not sitting on it but using a kitchen mallet like i did. Lay pepperoni and cheese across it then roll it up and secure with a cocktail stick. Drizzle garlic and herb oil on it and bung in the oven. After you’ve had a glass of wine take it out of the oven and wrap it in bacon. Shove it back in the oven until it’s done. TIP: Don’t forget to put your spicy wedges in and keep your date waiting, it doesn’t give off a very good impression. I find BBQ sauce goes perfect with it all

And for pud a rocky road triple chocolate sundae type thing. I may have cheated a bit with that but don’t tell anyone.

Everything went well and Sarah seemed to enjoy it, I guess we’ll know better in the morning once the food poisoning really kicks in.

Here’s some pics from our lovely evening

Love you bumbag x x x x x x x x x


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