Day 46 & 47 – Fan-tash-tic!

Considering yesterday was the first day i have missed doing my blog since i began, I’m not going to give myself a kick up the bum just yet. I have a very good excuse…

My lovely Sarah pie is poorly at the moment so i’ve been spending all my time feeding her pills and mopping her brow. She seems to have picked up a nasty virus so i’m hoping a few days with my medical care team, Doctor Mylo, Sister Disco and Surgeon Leo, that she’ll be right as rain. It does mean that we get to snuggle up under the duvet together and watch tv so it’s not all bad.

Today I went shopping to buy Sarah, Sophie Kinsellar’s new book. I believe she is really good and you should go and buy her stuff immediately. Not Sarah, Sophie. Though I’m not saying Sarah isn’t good. She’s a really talented writer even though she hasn’t had a book published, not that she couldn’t… Anyone have a shovel? Mine appears to lost in the deep hole i’m digging. Anyway, On my way to get the book, I may have accidentally gone into my favourite fancy dress shop and bought myself some new moustaches too. Those of you that know me will know that I absolutely LOVE dressing up, particularly if it involves wearing a tash. Look at this bad boy!

I guess I like being someone else because i’m actually quite a shy person. I made my own costume a few years ago and ran for charity as ‘Pizza Girl’. You can see my arch nemesis Penguin Boy sat on the bench on the left. I soon overtook him when he slipped on a slice of pepperoni. Unfortunately soon after that, I myself was overtaken by a giraffe.


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