Special half century post by Mylo!

*Just a word of warning, Mylo likes to pronounce a lot of words with an ‘R’*

Roh my rod, Rama says I could rog today but she’s hogging the romputer!

Rello my rame is Mylo, today I’m rogging about my day at the Rark.


It rall started with a rap up breakfast. Riscuits and a nice rowl of water.

Then we ralked all the way to Rus stop. It was very runny today

Rell, I thought we were going to the Rus Stop. Rama decides to drag re to the rash machine instead.

Finally at the Rus Stop and I can see the Russy coming!

Rama had to get my ricket for me, I rouldn't reach the driver!

I ruv the russy! Though I had to remind Rama to wait until she was off the Rus to have a poo!

The Rark! The Rark! We're here!

Found one!


Here I am, running away from roggy twins!

So far I've met twin roggies, a 104 year old roggy, a roggy whose stick i stole, a big bruiser roggy and an ex guide dog roggy. She was my favourite

No more roggies 😦 Rime to go home

Did i mention i ruv the bussy!?

I couldn't reach the rell. I hope i don't riss my stop!

I thought we were going rome! I've been dragged to the round shop! Rama is always in there.

I went for a ree up this post but rissed it and ended up reeing up the wheels of this fancy rar intead. Oops!

It's been a long ray, time for a nap. Night night x

I hope you renjoyed my rog post today. Rye rye Mylo x x x


2 responses to “Special half century post by Mylo!

  1. Mylo the wonder-dog! Can I have your autograph please? The chicklets of Bunnaaaarge love you. We love you, Mylo! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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