Day 51 – Yesterday was Sunday, today is Monday

Today was a great day.

I thought I had lost my right hand leather glove but I found it lurking at the bottom of a bag I hardly ever use – it has quickly become my favourite bag now! Don’t tell the other bags that though.

I wore a prototype of the Broken Doll’s upcoming range – Little Sailor Girl. The feedback was great which makes Laura a very excited little person. I can’t reveal any images yet because it is top secret but it won’t be long until you can decorate yourself in all the loveliness Little Sailor Girl has to offer! Ahoy!

Yesterday, we decided to try ordering a pizza from our new Dominos pizza place. We ordered online but silly Sarah pressed the cash on delivery button rather than pay online. I suggested she just call them and pay over the phone. How can something so simple be so difficult? The woman on the phone had to ask me how to spell ‘Laura’ and couldn’t find my order by address, name or the actual order number! Then she asked ‘Did you say your name was Kimberley?’ I asked to speak to the manager because by this point i was so annoyed I wanted to cancel the order, me saying no to PIZZA!!!  The manager came on and then complained TO ME because I wanted to cancel! What is it with that place!?

I can just imagine the job advert.

Are you a fuckwit?

Do you think Laura is spelt ‘N.O.R.A’?

Think good customer service is over rated?

If you answered yes to all of the above, Dominos has a role for you!



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