Day 52 – Pedal FASTER!

Which clever dick decided it was a good idea to put the cycle lane in the bus lane!? As much as I enjoyed travelling at 5mph the whole way I’d rather this not become a regular thing. I also spotted this advertisement during my very long journey

So if anyone was interested in buying a pre-owned bus, it’s now been reduced from £25 to a bargain £22. Get in there quick!

I think it’s high time I revealed my ‘sports diary’ from my school days. I briefly mentioned it in a previous post. I was sports mad at school and extremely competitive so I used to write up some of the games i played in and rated our performance *hangs head in shame*

Here is the ratings system I used. Cool or what!? I cannot believe i am sharing this with people.

And here is an extract from it, the day we played our arch rivals Newall Green in 1998. I remember it like it was yesterday, I wish I still had the energy I had back then though!

It’s all true!


3 responses to “Day 52 – Pedal FASTER!

  1. Yay!! What a great game that was among many…I’m thirsty for more! Xx

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