Day 53 – Screeeeech, crash, bang!

The day started like any other. I woke up late so looked like shit, had to run to the bus stop then wrestle with people to try and get on. The journey began as normal, 5pmh in the cycle lane and then…


We hit a car! A car had pulled out and was waiting in the road to drive in the opposite direction. As we were approaching it I kept thinking to myself ‘he’s gonna break in a minute, he’s gonna break in a minute’. And it would be unfair of me to say he didn’t break, he just did an emergency stop when he was literally cms away! Clearly the bus driver thought he would save time by not breaking until absolutely necessary so he didn’t end up running late. Luckily everyone was ok despite the guy in the car holding his neck like he had been hit at 90mph. There was however a major plus to the story. On the back of the ‘magic busses (part of stagecoach) there is a picture of a wizard wednesday. Basically every Wednesday ‘the wizard’ collects money for different charities and in all my life I have never seen the wizard, until today!! He was there, beard an’ all, waiting at the bus stop. I couldn’t get a photo because 1) It was raining and 2) I would have looked like a right nob in front of the masses of people but i’ll be able to sleep soundly for the rest of my days now.

My broken bus complete with injured men from car on the right and a blurry cyclist on the left.

My soggy jeans after i had to walk the remainder of my journey

The wizard (not the actual one, this is one on the bus)

Rest of the news in brief. I was kindly told by a deaf customer at work that ‘it would seem i’m not the only one with a hearing problem’. I’ve got pins and needles in my right foot and this morning I woke up in such a cold sweat that I had thought I had actually wet myself!

Now on to the important stuff, another extract from my sports diary. Today is from an athletics tournament in 1999, I am so very embarrassed that I appeared to use the saying ‘Bone-On!’ as a way of expressing my joy!




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