Day 54 – Double trouble!

I have some exciting news.

I am now officially all signed up for The Great Manchester 10K Run AND The Great Manchester Cycle! I must be mad! This year, once again, I will be raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

I have taken part in The Great Manchester Run now for the last 4 years in a row. I have always been a sprinter so 10K feels like a marathon to me but I do it because I enjoy the challenge but more so because it’s the one time of the year it feels like it’s just me and my nana together again. My nana, who sadly passed away in 2007, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s before she died. It truely is a horrible disease, watching someone who was so independent and like a mother figure to me turn into someone who couldn’t look after herself  is something I will never forget. I miss her so very much.

Here are some photos from previous years


2008 Desperate Housewives look

2009 - When I didn't own a mirror

2010 - Pizza Girl!

2011 - Me and Vince the guide dog pup!

The silverware

Just two weeks after that – what am i thinking!? I am also taking part in the first ever Great Manchester Cycle! You can cycle 13, 26 or 52 miles. I’m doing 13 and no more!! I’m kind of looking forward to it because i’ve never done a proper cycle before but I have to admit I’m worried about having a numb bum and then there’s the chaffing to contend with. I may not be able to sit down properly for a week.

All of the sport talk is gearing me up (did you like that?) to another extract from my sports diary. Today a rounders game from 1999 in the semi final vs North Manchester Girls. As you can see I wasn’t a happy bunny – TWO stickers!


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