Day 55 – Can i interest you in a straw?

The only exciting thing that happened to me today was finding a Kwenchy in my packed lunch! I love them! They remind me of being at school and people drinking them from the bottom. Clearly drinking from the straw wasn’t cool enough in those days!

Here's one I drank earlier

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Lie in + rugby + trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelter + purchase of mystery item that will remain a mystery until tomorrow! Very exciting!

I have also decided that I am definitely getting rid of my tattoo. When I was about 18 I decided that it would be really cool for me to get the female symbol on my tummy as a way of telling the ladies that I was in fact one myself and liked them. What was I thinking!? I mean really, why on earth did the tattoo man not refuse to do it! I look at it now and hang my head in shame, the circle bit isn’t even a circle! It’s like an oblong! So I have made the decision to tattoo over it with something, I am considering an anchor because Sarah pie calles me little sailor girl but I haven’t made my final decision yet. Stay tuned!

This post has been so boring i have in fact bored myself now. Off to watch paint dry, bye.


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