Day 56 – Run for cover!

Sarah and I went to the Stockport Air Raid Shelters today, it’s in Stockport for those that weren’t sure. It begins by being, literally, bundled into a dark room to watch a video about the war and Hitler. At one point you may have been forgiven for thinking we were actually watching horror film as Sarah did a movie style scream! All it needed was a bolt of lighting and a dead body. It turns out that one of the walls had moved to reveal a statue pointing at her. It was extremely funny – I don’t think that was the reaction they were going for though. We were then left alone to roam the tunnels and check out the ‘facilities’, again with lots of sound effects. Sarah wasn’t the only one that embarrassed herself today, there was a lady who gave you a little bit of background knowledge about the tunnels and she asked what we thought they used instead of toilet roll. I said innocently ‘You’re hand!?’ Well I wasn’t to know she’d react like I’d said ‘Excuse, do you mind passing me your shoe I need a wee’

Here are some photos from our day. You can also see Sarah’s here

Just incase you fancied a kip

One of the many tunnels

A gas mask

A respiratory drug

Sarah re-enacting her scream

I also bought my mystery item, I am now the proud owner of a Ukulele! My hands are too small for a guitar and there is too much to learn whereas a Uku is Laura sized AND only has 4 strings! Yay! I couldn’t wait till getting home so I had a little play with it on the bus. Sarah also had a play with it serenading the bus with her songs such as, ‘I’ve got a combined harvester’, ‘goodbye bus driver’ and ‘I’m playing the blues…the greens… the reds and the yellows’ I think we were lucky not to get thrown off!

Warm up act before Sarah came on

Not thought of a name for it yet

Completely off the subject, there’s a reporter on ITV called Nina Nanar which I thought was the best name ever but today I heard a newsreader on the BBC called Rizzler Teeth! Excellent!

I’m going to rest my head now, I’ve had a headache since 1 o’clock. Ouch!


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