Day 57 – 1 in 1 out policy

I literally haven’t stopped today!

First of all we had a spring clean of the house which I actually enjoyed. I got to sweep throughout the flat. I love sweeping! I think it must be seeing all the dirt gather together and then erm… well that’s it really. I love sweeping so much I am considering getting my very own brush. Let this be a warning, keep your hands off Sarah pie!

First we had visitors number 1 and 2. The lovely chickens! They aren’t actual chickens of course, not that i would be against that. I just think they would struggle to reach the bell and then I’d never realise they had arrived. So, we had a gossip with, as Mylo would say, Raunty Richicta and Raunty Remi and they bought Mylo a doggy cake which he absolutely loved!

Raunty Remi just give me the cake!

Next up we had 2 visitors, Emma and Faye – Mylo had his very own visitor, their new little puppy Bailey. He is such a cutie and full of energy, even Mylo was tired by the end of all the running around. Unfortunately they didn’t stay still for long enough to have a photo so here is one of Bailey waiting for a treat and  Bailey in motion!

Good boy Bailey

I don't know who has the biggest smile!

Mylo is now fast asleep on the sofa, I am counting down the minutes until he starts barking and twitching whilst he’s dreaming of his new best friend.


One response to “Day 57 – 1 in 1 out policy

  1. Aw, we love Mylo so much – more than he loved his doggy cupcake! So sweet to see him with his new bezzy friend Bailey!

    Love from The Chickens

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