Day 58 – It was wheely big

Ok lets get on with it because i am tired and grumpy which is never a good combination for me, even though it does tend to make other people laugh.

So after work today I went into town to buy some shorts for tomorrow evenings Korfball (i know what you’re all thinking – I’m going to go this time!) and to take some photos with the very talented Sarah Goodwin who just so happens to be my better half. She wanted to do some night photography and with a giant wheel in our backyard we decided to photograph that. I’d just like to point out that we don’t have an actual giant wheel in our garden because that would just be silly and it would cost a fortune in electric, I was being all americany.

So here are a few of my shots. I must confess that a lot of these were by accident! If you want to see some that were taken on purpose and with a lot of skill visit Sarahs now

Here is the wheel, not in our garden

Not sure what happened with this one but it's my fav. Those circle bits are rain!

You guessed it, it's the wheel in mid rotation

Ah go on, guess what it is...

I’m actually loving having a camera, I can’t believe I didn’t have one sooner!




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