Day 59 – Krapball

So, today was the day that I, Laura Constance Smith, finally got over my shyness and went to Korfball.

I have been very excited all day and even began to count down the hours at one point – very sad I know. I got dressed into my new shorts, socks and top, one that highlights my food baby just nice and went to call for my Korfballing pal, Ezzer.

Me keeping my food baby warm with a coat

So, our journey began with a brisk jog for the bus – warm up taken care of already. Then I tried to pay with a £10 note, clearly he had never seen one of these before as he just stroked his chin. We then walked down the road to Barlow School, or should I say ‘The Barlow’. Please forgive me, you might have a posh sounding name but your signage was beyond shit! After finding the sports hall, purely by accident, we waited patiently by the door emitting ‘We are new’ signals. Now it could have been because it was overcast but these signals did not seem to be received. In fact you’d think the signals we were sending were in fact ‘Ignore us, we have just come to watch you gather outside a door before walking through it’ We got totally blanked! They walked into the sports hall and that was it. No, ‘Hello, are you waiting for Korfball?’ or ‘Are you new?’ Did they not realise I had spent £12.99 on some new shorts!!? As you can imagine we didn’t feel very welcome and left immediately! Due to the upset this had caused us we ended up in our local pub doing bicep curls so thankfully our evening of fitness wasn’t completely wasted.

dumbbells we found in the pub

It’s safe to say that we will NOT be trying Korfball again – bicep curling is the way forward!


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