Day 60 – A panda and a WORLD EXCLUSIVE

I have walked past some things in my time, women with their asses showing, people talking to themselves, celebrities looking rough but yesterday was a first, even for me.  Walking towards me was a giant panda wearing trainers. He was just casually strolling down the street without a care in the world, I resisted the urge to wave but did take a photo for you all to see.

Have you seen this Panda?

So, I posted the other day about getting my new toy – a ukulele. Well, things are moving slowly but I do feel like i’m kind of getting the hang of it. I haven’t learnt a song yet BUT I have written the lyrics and the music to my own song

So here is a WORLD EXCLUSIVE of my first song ‘You smell of poo’. Sarah has done the video for it but she wouldn’t let me re-record a better version so here it is in all its natural glory dedicated to her.

I’m sure you’ll all be very please to know that the autographed CD will be available very soon.

I feel like i need to get this off my chest. Why are there so many dicks around at the moment!? Some people need a good slap to the face and a reality check, the world does not revolve around yous.

This is NOT a picture that kids are taught with at school!

Lets be accurate here, the earth revolves around the sun so put condoms on your head, you act like dicks – you might as well dress like them!


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