Day 61 – Rodney Rat face

Sarah and I have done some more photography today, it’s been lovely in Manchester today so we took advantage of the lovely sunset. We decided to go on to the roof of a tall car park to get a good view of it over the city. We got the lift up because lets face it, unless there was oxygen waiting at the top there’s a good chance we would have died. As the lift doors opened we were greeted with a group of youths and a smoke wall of weed! God knows what my face looked like, in my head I was thinking ‘this is how i’m going to die!’ The view from the top was amazing and even though we got told off by a car park man for being on the roof we got some really good shots. Here they are

That yellow thing is the sun

Funky Manchester

Moody Manchester

Dramatic Manchester

I also bought myself a little present, well to be fair it’s an investment for the future! I am playing ‘the mouse’ in a video at work so I needed one of these anyway but I bought myself a giant mouse head. It has to be seen to be believed, so here is Rodney in town. Enjoy!

Rodney watching the world go by

Rodney making a quick phone call

Rodney and someone who needs a refund on their invisibility cloak

Watch out for more of Rodney very soon!



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