Day 63 – Read the small print

Today is the first day of rant.

Firstly, Talk Talk. We get our phone/broadband from them. Never seem to have many problems to be honest the only thing that really pissed me off was receiving marketing calls from random companies. When I looked into it a bit further I was told that Talk Talk sold my details to these companies and that it is written in the small print of my contract. I’m presuming it’s so small that only a flea that was short-sighted would be able to read it.

Next on my hit list is British Gas. I received my quarterly bill today and laughed hysterically before realising it wasn’t a typo. Nearly a grand for gas and electric for the quarter! You may wonder If I in fact live in a palace or a hotel. I live in a ground floor flat with 2 small bedrooms. We only have gas central heating and an electric oven/hob and shower. I’m starting to wonder whether we are actually paying for the whole block of flats. I am going to have to get a cycle powered generator and take turns with Sarah, Mylo, Leo and Disco! I wonder if you can get tandem generators…

Lastly, the man who works in the newsagent. WHY does he not trust me enough to count my own penny sweets!? After spending ages doing my sums, he decided to pour everything out and use his scabby hands to put them all back in, counting them one by one. I actually nearly vomited on his counter!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...... it's really not difficult

Other news in brief. Exciting new developments at Broken Doll Collective HQ, we finally managed to find some light bulbs to put in our new lamp and I nearly died in the cafe by inhaling toast crumbs.

Here’s a picture of a football.

This is a smaller than average ball


2 responses to “Day 63 – Read the small print

  1. I must have read this shortly after you posted it and have been nagged by it all day. Yes the utility companies are out to get everyone, although I think your bills are outrageous and there is no way possible that I could even think that I could afford that. I’d have to be cold and in the dark I’m afraid.
    As for the wireless I’d be soon telling them where to stuff it, that goes beyond. Selling your name and number to not only make a profit on that, but knowingly do it so they can profit on you being harassed on top of it.
    And finally, I’d have to give up on penny candy I’m afraid. That is enough to make one vomit. How do you know where those hands have been, digging and scratching in the most unmentionable of places.
    Maybe living in Canada does have it’s merits. consumers are somewhat protected from such things. There are inspectors that watch for hand washing and cleanliness of places that sell food etc.
    I’d raise the roof if I was there, and end up getting myself kicked out of your country.
    On the brighter side I enjoy reading your musings on a regular basis, Thanks for posting and entertaining.

    • Hi Bill, thanks for taking the time to read my blog. My penny sweets are well and truly in the bin now! It’s lovely to hear that you find my blog entertaining, the worrying thing is that it is all true! I see you went for a ukulele session a few weeks back? It sounds like great fun and a great way to meet people, I hope I have the confidence one day to go to something like that. Keep us all up to date on how it’s going!

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