Day 65 – It’s SUNday

I woke up this morning full of beans and even had time to do my hair AND make-up. Even though I had a stressful morning, I still had a smile on my face. I’d like to thank the sun for being so warm and bright. It also helped that I had a maniac bus driver on the way to work who went through red lights and generally made the journey like a rollercoaster. Love it!  ‘Scream if you wanna go faster!’

I have decided my fitness thang is going to begin tonight. My food baby is getting out of control, It’s creeping over my belt! I’m starting to look 6 months gone rather than my usual 1-2 months. I’m going to do some sit ups, would it be wrong if i was sitting up to reach slices of pizza? I’m going to do 10, I’m doing it now. Right now……as……i……sit…….up. Ok, I’m not right now but I will. I will report back tomorrow.

Sarah and I went to take some more photos tonight. I’m trying to capture the sun while I can! We went to platt fields in Manchester and this is what I got

Platt Fields, Manchester

Moody clouds of Manchester

Manchester lovers

I love Manchester

Cloudy puddle

The only really annoying thing that happened to me today was that the chips from the chippy weren’t cooked properly. She may as well have given me a potato to munch on! Stupid cow.



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